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Finally ordered a NerdSEQ. I've been waiting to do that until the video expander became available so I can hook it up to an old otherwise unused TV and a computer keyboard.

The cat continues to not appreciate the explosions outside.

I let random voltages make a song. It goes nowhere slowly, but you can listen to it if you want.

I let random voltages make a song. It goes nowhere slowly, but you can listen to it if you want.

The cat does not appreciate all the explosions happening outside.

The cat would like it known that she's a cute cat who should be cuddled at every opportunity, preferably for 36 out of every 48 hours.

Making something useful doesn’t require genius. You simply have to be just reckless enough to get started, just smart enough to understand the problem, just dumb enough not to overcomplicate the solution, and just stubborn enough to keep going until you get there.

how to talk to your child about hosting a fediverse instance

New Kenyan coffee is good. Citric with softer fruit notes as the coffee cools, lots of acidity. I went with a pretty light roast both to accentuate those characteristics and because roasting it to what I'd normally consider the lighter end of a medium roast already tastes like a dark roast and while not objectionable, not especially notable either. I'll be sampling that in front of the shop from 12-2 today and will try to get it up for sale on the web site after that. (available in store now)

Small order, only about 800 pounds of coffee. If I'm lucky it could show up Friday.

Ordered more coffee. One has a name longer than this toot.

Added another part of the feature I'm working on for the shop's web site. Nothing is user visible yet but I'm cleaning things up as I go along with the result that the whole code base is now 3.7% smaller despite the additions. I expect I'll have eaten up a lot of those savings by the time I'm done with the whole feature.

A little while back someone beat my record for biggest single target hit with Qiqi in but it took a couple months for someone to get around to doing that. I may need to take that record back, though I'm still pretty happy with the old run (as technically awful as it is).

The cat seems to have taken a liking to pressing her face against video game controllers. Sometimes using them like a pillow, sometimes flicking the thumb sticks.

Wrote a nice little chunk of code today. It compiles, it looks like it should work, but I still need to write some tests before I'll be comfortable with pushing that to production.

That's also easier since I'll need to roast the coffees for my class before I go and bring that with me. Most years there would be hands on roasting at the event, but I guess not this time.

It's at a trade event in New Orleans and I've decided to drive there this time rather than figure out what fresh hell airport check in has become now. It's been ages since I've been there and am looking forward to having some good creole food.

It looks like my next workshop is getting advertised now and at least one person I know wants to help me out as a station instructor so that's nice.

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