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This morning I found a box with equipment for the person who mistakenly signed up for Internet at my house causing my account to get disactivated so now I know who the ISP needs to call to let them know they don't live at my house.

Got home from work to discover that my Internet service had been disactivated. Three customer service people all thought this was very strange but couldn't just turn it back on so for tonight I'm using phone tethered Internet (with double the gaming ping) and I'll be picking up new hardware and a lower price after work tomorrow.

Fixed a couple bugs. One was legitimately an error in my code, but the other one is obnoxious. There's a condition where the code should be a no-op and if I actually do nothing, an unrelated thing doesn't happen, but if I do the thing that shouldn't have any effect, it forces the other thing to notice it has work to do. That still leaves one bug in the part that I'm working on, but I have a pretty good idea of where that has to be so it shouldn't take too long to track that down.

There have got to be a thousand different "standard" ways to format SQL and all of them are ugly. I have my own bespoke weird style so I'm contributing to the problem.

New hardware update. The stuff that should work with code I've already written has shipped. The stuff that I need to write new code to use it is backordered for... about 6 weeks.

The house next to mine has had a broken window for years. This morning there was a cat sticking its head out of the window watching me leave for work. I don't know if this is a case of someone with a cat moved into the place or if this is a cat like mine who just decided to move in through the broken window.

Ordered an assortment of new data logging hardware to try out. Some is stuff my code should already work with and other I'll need to write new code. One goes up to 1kS/s which is complete overkill for coffee roasting but it'll be nice to know that my code can ingest that.

Spent some time fleshing out a new data model for externally sourced data in Typica 2. For the 1.x versions all of that was coming from a PostgreSQL database, but Typica 2 is adding more options (one similar and one completely different) such that it makes sense to make more of the code oblivious to where its data came from.

Today I used all of my cupping bowls. Some more than once.

I tried making a fun little post elsewhere but one of the replies that came back was, "Suddenly I feel so incompetent." That makes me sad.

Tonight's coding: first thing I wanted to try wasn't going to work without resorting to dirty tricks so I backed out of that to see if I could come up with a better idea. Next approach was both cleaner and more powerful. Then I reorganized it a bit to shrink it down and make it less likely that I accidentally break it in the future.

Put in some basic scaffolding for one of the next features I want to work on. Also got my tax stuff from the accountant, which I was starting to get worried about since the new guy is bad at email.

Bought another 10 bags of coffee today. A bag of coffee is about 60Kg (132ish pounds).

The relevant state and city departments for such things have always been pretty proactive about passing along useful information to me and I think they appreciate that we take not killing people seriously.

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