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Kind of surprised that I haven't heard anybody put forward the idea that the way to end school shootings is to add marksmanship to the curriculum and give every child in every classroom a gun to defend themselves with. This is a terrible idea which should absolutely not be done, but also perhaps the most American thing ever, which makes it doubly surprising that I'm not hearing that idea floated seriously by politicians.

Writing code with a headache. I'm going slow, but things are working on the first try.

I've received the official invite to teach at CRG Retreat. I'm still not sure what exactly I'm expected to teach (I told them to slot me in wherever they thought I'd be useful and either send materials if I'm teaching an existing class or let me know if I need to develop something new) but I've done enough of this sort of thing that I can make whatever they get back to me with work.

This morning I went for and achieved a new personal best for Qiqi's elemental skill (not burst) damage with my Blizzard Gambler Qiqi build (not recommended for normal play).

I tried from accounts on two separate servers, both provide the same message, and my end is clean so I'm giving up on sending the reply.

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Just on the off change the person who emailed me about the book today happens to go looking for why I didn't reply, your mail server is misconfigured and bouncing my reply back for a reason that is verifiably false. Please fix.

Fun game to play when watching Star Trek: Voyager. Ask yourself, would the crisis of the week have happened or gone so badly had Janeway NOT murdered Tuvix?

Was doing annoying business accounting related stuff today and accidentally ended up on a server admin page that I totally shouldn't have access to on the unemployment insurance provider's web site. I didn't mess with anything there, but it was a bit disturbing that I was able to accidentally see that at all.

Whatever I did to fix printing on the Windows machine apparently only convinced it to work for less than 48 hours and now it's back to being a lazy bum.

Didn't do much coding today, but got the now bar put back together. I might add more features to it later, but for now there are more important things to work on.

Stayed late troubleshooting Windows printing issues (prints would take somewhere between 5 minutes and 4 hours to start). After trying various recommended solutions to the problem found online, I got a nearby Linux box to do the right thing instantly and then tried some random bullshit that I had no reason to expect might fix things on Windows and that seems to have worked despite the thing I tried claiming it did nothing to resolve the problem. Now I'm going to go home and hug a cat.

disney should make darth vader psas about the importance of wearing your mask

(not that I would be opposed to a licensing agreement that funds development of the software, that might be the best case scenario for everybody involved)

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Sent a company a brief message suggesting they have a discussion with their legal advisors about the name they've chosen for their company on the basis that I've been using the name nearly 2 decades longer than they have and our offerings are similar enough that people are reaching out to me confused as to what link there is between them and me (none). I'm not looking to cause trouble for anybody or trying to extract a pay day out of this, but I'm also not giving up the mark.

I've also decided that the Typica 2.0 rewrite is far enough along that I'll deploy it to a new machine at the roaster instead of just having that on my personal laptop to make it easier for others to do some of the coffee roasting. There's still a lot of work to do on that before a new version release, but enough of it works now that I'll let employees use it and let me know what they think about it.

Got a coffee sample today. Incoming crop on a coffee I brought in last year, but I already told my supplier that this one wasn't selling well so my plan was to run out this year and maybe try again in a future year. I'll still roast it, cup it, and probably tell the supplier that it's delicious, but this is the sort of coffee that I'm just never going to have in the product line all the time because I don't have enough customers who want to buy that flavor profile.

Helped my mother with a new television. Her old one died some time ago and there are sales now so it was a good time to sort that out. The new one is pretty much the same but it could tell what stuff was plugged into the HDMI inputs so she only needs 1 remote control now instead of 3.

I don't have all the details yet but it looks like I'll be teaching at Coffee Roasters Guild retreat in August.

Yesterday's coding broke the build, but today I was able to write a minimal program to use to figure out how what I was trying to do really works and then ported that back over to the real program. I don't think I've ever used the stuff in the QtConcurrent module before so it took a bit of figuring out how to get the compiler to not complain.

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