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Catching things like that are just one reason I prefer to read my email as plain text in a proper mail client.

Tonight's phishing scam email was almost convincing. Most of them are awful but I can easily see how someone could fall for this one. There were two big tip offs.

1. Claiming payment was declined out of sync with my billing cycle
2. You don't log into Linode through what appears to be a German lighting company that apparently needs better security practices.


Test production batch of the new Guatemalan coffee (Huehuetenango) is approved and now available for sale. I don't have very much of this lot available (it's a get something in while waiting for new crop on what I usually buy that I ran out of early) so I decided to only do a medium roast (no light or dark variant) on this one. It starts out crisp and floral but with some texture to the body and as it cools some nice caramel becomes apparent in the flavor.

How do carpets manage to store so much cat fur?

This morning I tried the Touhou 17 demo. As usual for this series, it runs very well in wine on linux (older titles in this series often run better in wine on linux than they do on current Windows machines). I will, of course, be focusing on Youmu's route first.

Yesterday's video managed to get 100 views in a bit over 24 hours on YouTube, which is kind of pathetic given that the channel supposedly has >3000 "subscribers". This is pretty normal. It often takes a couple years before people start sharing my videos and they get watched (though about 1 in 10 people who did watch bothered to hit the like button so that's something).

PeerTube had the video several hours earlier. There's coffee roasting talk, plots, and a cat!

Petition to get em and en dashes added to standard keyboards

OnePlus should not use numbers as model names. OnePlus 7? What kind of name is that? Just call it 8.

The cat wants to know why I'm cooking dinner and doing laundry instead of hugging the cat.

Dear yelp, please stop trying to contact me. Yes, I know people love me on yelp. My strategy to keep it that way is to continue pretending that yelp doesn't exist.

New nvidia driver was available so I'm trying that. For some reason KDE/Qt stuff doesn't want to scale right on Intel so hopefully this doesn't turn back into a crash-fest. Save early, save often, keep backups.

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