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Have been trying some different espresso blends today. Found a nice one with coffees from Brazil, Burundi, Colombia, India, and Papua New Guinea.

Today I ordered some new designs of cat mugs to sell in the shop. They're from a company that doesn't know how packing material works so hopefully some of them arrive undamaged.

My mother is now the owner of a new rose gold macbook air.

My mother wants me to help her buy a new computer tonight. Back when it was her job she was a hardcore Excel junkie and after retirement she immediately reverted to "how do I close a window?" Will try to get her to look very hard at the Macs because they come pre-loaded with software for just about all of her use cases and that will make things easier on me.

Wrote most of a new video script while tasting coffees and reworking blends today. I'll probably end up with a short series of videos on learning how to use the Ikawa.

Sending out email advertising? Maybe set up a test account somewhere with a plain text mail reader so you know how that's going to look.

@absturztaube it seems like you have a lot of blobcats, mew

would you mind showing me all your blobcat emojos? i would like to have some on to use and i think a lot of the other people who follow me might like to copy some too :blobcat3c:

Got another coffee delivery today (just a small one of a bit under 600 pounds).

Lately I've been doing daily uploads to my YouTube channel, mostly with excerpts taken from older videos but also a few newer things (new things available ad-free on the PeerTube network. Ask your admin about following ). Today marks 2 full weeks of daily uploads and I have enough excerpts left for another full week even if I don't finish any more of the new stuff I've been working on.

Once my backlog is clear, expect videos to go back to a less frequent upload schedule.

Last night after the store was put back together I started working on the new coffees. Cupping product development samples of the next Brazilian coffee now. It's delicious across a pretty broad range of roasts and there's not a ton of variation in the flavor, meaning broad tolerance for roasting variation when trying to hit a sensory spec. In other words, a very accessible coffee for home roasters if they happen to like nutty Brazils.

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