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Between work and family stuff I've been home less and the cat is expressing her disapproval.

Dreamt that cats made a musical called “Humans,” gave themselves horrible smooth CG skin and sang about things like insurance premiums and how they love to not give food to cats

It was a full family effort but we were able to restore a recent backup back onto my father's phone and get that working again.

A third web order came in today. We're refinishing the floor over the holiday weekend so that's not getting out until Tuesday at the earliest. This time it's from someone in the next county over.

Having slept on it, I think I've figured this one out. The straight line is the floor. The wavy lines above that are water on the floor. The exclamation mark indicates that a quest is available. The person is a break dancer. Thus, this is a marker letting you know that something related to the breakdancing on wet floors quest can be done here.

My father locked himself out of his phone today and now my mother wants me to hack his stuff so he can regain access despite not knowing any of his passwords. I admin his mail server so at least we can just do resets on everything else using that.

I don't know what this is supposed to mean, but they look like they're having fun.

I’m Mona, I make glyphic monsters and reinterpretations of pop culture creatures!


#fediart #mastoart #artistsonmastodon

Took the 2nd order through the web site. This time it was from someone who was in the shop sending a gift and he just wanted to see how that's done so I let him use one of the computers and walked him through that. It's nice to get to watch someone else use the system.

New Ethiopian coffee is now available to buy through the web site.

Right now orders aren't likely to ship until Tuesday due to Labor Day and maybe not until Wednesday depending on what the roasting schedule looks like since I'll want to roast fresh for orders after being closed a couple days.


I try to taste well outside the range that I expect I'll want to sell a coffee first because sometimes you find the unexpected, but also because when you find things like that dark blender, maybe it's not something you need for a product right now, but I've got hopefully a several months supply of the coffee and if needs change, that's another trick I can keep on hand to pull out if it's needed.

Matched cup 5 on the production roaster perfectly and and currently enjoying a drip brewed pot of that. Will try to get that up on the web site and available to buy later today. Same price as the previous Ethiopian coffee.

Test batch of the new Ethiopian coffee turned out delicious. Yesterday I was tasting different roast levels on the cupping table. The first 5 cups (from about 2/5 to 4/5 between cracks) smelled like what I wanted and there was a clear progression where as I went through that range the coffee got sweeter and crisper, then (still pre-2C) it just went flat until it started to get toward the darker side where if it weren't so expensive it would be a nice dark blender.


I had a response all ready to go and a friend had to talk me off the ledge. Responding, either positively or negatively, is a trap. Don't do it.

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